Rita D Swinford



Photography can be made up of extraordinary moments, chances taken, and pleasant surprises, often when we are not aware enough to capitalize upon them. But every once in a while we are presented with moment(s) we can’t help but be aware of the gift we have just been given; a happy accident.
The series “Slipping Away from the Edge” is serendipitous and wholly a result of a connection made with Valda Bailey and Doug Chinnery. None of these images would have been created without their stimulation and the work they inspired me to do. That said, the projects title reflects my own unease with the images themselves.
There is a grouping, ‘Summer Etude’, ‘Ode to Klee’, and ‘Waiting in Space’, that starts with simple multiple exposures of midday shadows. Photography has been said to be a “subtractive’ process, multiple exposures is more like painting in its additive nature. Here all the originals were challenged to bring more motion, emotion and color along with ‘scraps’ of color and/or lines. All three are in a primary color palate that evokes childhood memories of crayons.
Following are 3 images Spring Rain’, ‘Barely There’ , and ‘Glee’ with lower key elements and more subtle. I hope to have the viewer wander in these images to look for the familiar.
Around the Table, Under Water and Protected’, started with a seed pod who expanded its circular rhythm to relax within.