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I was going to start this Artist’s Statement with a historical recount of the cameras I have used. Why? It is the easiest to write about as opposed to what I am trying to do as an artist. 

My photographic subjects are eclectic: grand landscapes, abstract design, street scenes, and still life.  Influenced by a huge pile of art and photo books, it remains a daily struggle to stay on focus.  Strong motivators begin with David Hockney, Georgia Okeefe, Guy Tal, Natalie Goldberg,  Harry Callahan, Ray Metzker, and Paul Klee. All of these artists have seen the world and reinterpreted it in such a marvelous way.

When I review my LightRoom folders or website, the images which have endured are those that either has significant meaning to me or evoke curiosity.  Many of them are about the intersection of rhythm, and patterns.  I never tire of trudging to the dunes in Death Valley, even alone in the dark of early morning, anticipating images (and I have many) of emerging repetitions that change in color by the minute.

I am afraid for many a year, I have succumbed in my travels to achieving the beautiful trophy image rather than completing portfolios of work. 

And so, this is where I am now, somewhat confused as to my direction, but wanting to make more meaningful work, work that is more cohesive, work that stimulates the imagination, and work that I care about (and not necessarily everyone else).

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